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Powering Our Future

The Powering Our Future programme is a new and ambitious long-term vision for the future of Stockton-on-Tees.

This is a new way of working for the Council which will see us work with our partners and communities to put in place new and innovative approaches. This will allow us to not only save money but also reshape what we do for the better and in the best interests of our residents - we will do this through our Powering Our Future Programme.

Councils across the country are seeing reduced budgets for public services and increased demand from residents who have been hit by the increased cost of living - the Powering Our Future programme will look to tackle this.  

Our mission is to be a bold, brave and innovative Council. Together with our partners we will make sure Stockton-on-Tees is a fair and equal place, where everyone is proud to live and work, where our communities flourish and people feel they belong. We want everyone in our Borough to participate in building a brighter future for all of us. 

Jigsaw piece of five areas

Key missions

Powering Our Future sets an outcome-focused direction for the council and is based around 5 key missions:

  • Colleagues
  • Communities
  • Partnerships
  • Transformation
  • Regeneration

Transformation mission

New and innovative ways of working that are better for communities and more efficient. 

Our ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit will make sure our residents have bright futures. We will work with our partners and communities in new ways, embracing technology and different approaches to create opportunities and reduce inequality. We will do this using the limited amount of money we have available. 

We will continue to carefully manage our resources and will focus on creating a new relationship with communities, while providing efficient services that offer value for money and are valued by our residents.

Our transformation programme will ensure we reduce the budget gap by £9m and deliver a balanced budget each year, while continuing to deliver good and efficient services with the resources we have available.

The scale of the budget challenge we are facing means we need to get on with the transformation work quickly and that is why 14 transformation reviews are under way already. They are:

  • Customer Contact and Access to Services (how residents, visitors and businesses get in touch and access services)
  • Administration and Business Services
  • Fleet Management (use and management of council vehicles)
  • Debt Management (how the council collects money it is owed)
  • Digital, data and technology
  • Fees and Charges (how the council sets its fees and charges for services)
  • Children in our Care
  • SEND (support for children with special educational needs and disabilities)
  • Transition to Adulthood (how the council supports children with disabilities and those with special educational needs and disabilities as they become adults)
  • Supporting people to live independently (support to help people live at home for longer)
  • Early Intervention and Prevention (early help for children and families to help them remain healthy, happy and safe at home for longer)
  • Community Transport (transport arrangements for adults and children with special educational needs and disabilities and looked after children)
  • Waste Collection (reshaped recycling, green waste and residual waste collection service)
  • Community Safety and Regulatory Services (provision of community safety and organisation wide regulatory services)

Each project is led by a project sponsor and supported by a Project Delivery Manager.

ProjectProject scopeProject sponsorProject Delivery Manager
Customer Contact and Access to ServicesCustomer contact and access to services project scopeLorraine DixonSue Grace and Joanne Wilkinson
Administration and Business ServicesAdmin and business services project scopeMichelle ConnollyJo Bradley
Fleet ManagementFleet management project scopeCraig WillowsAndie Mackay
Debt ManagementDebt management project scopeMichelle ConnollyWedad Mitoubsi
Digital Data and TechnologyDigital Data and Technology project scopeTo be confirmedTo be confirmed
Fees and ChargesFees and charges project scopeClare HarperMichael Evans
Children in our CareChildren in our care project scopeRuth LaceyFrancesca Magog
SEND and high needsSEND High Needs project scopeEddie Huntington, Elisha SmithViv Lattimer
Transition to AdulthoodTransitions to Adulthood project scopeAngela ConnorDave Smith
Supporting people to live independentlySupporting people to live independently project scopeEmma ChampleyRob Papworth
Early Intervention and PreventionEarly intervention and prevention project scopeEmma ChampleyAishah Waithe
Community TransportCommunity transport project scopeDavid WillinghamPaul Wilson
Waste CollectionWaste collection project scopeCraig WillowsDale Rowbotham
Community Safety and Regulatory ServicesCommunity safety and regulatory services project scopeMarc StephensonLeanne Maloney Kelly


Although all of these reviews will not come to a conclusion at the same time, we expect to start seeing the results of the new ways of working in this financial year.

Garry Cummings, Director of Finance, Transformation and Performance, is the mission lead supported by Marc Stephenson and Dave Willingham.


Colleagues mission

Empowering our colleagues to do the best they can for communities. 

This mission seeks to empower colleagues to do the best they can for communities. Our vision is to have a talented and diverse workforce that is committed, engaged and empowered to deliver the council's priorities and ambitious Powering Our Future programme. Our workforce will step up to the challenging budget situation by using their knowledge and skills to work with our partners and communities.

We want to be an employer of choice where our colleagues feel valued, informed and involved in a working environment that is fit to meet the future demands of the Borough.

Last year an IIP Employee Survey took place. The results from the survey allowed us to form the baseline for our draft workforce strategy as it identifies priorities for delivery. 

The workforce strategy is based around the following areas agreed by Cabinet in January 2024:

  • Organisational Culture - to have a strong organisational culture of shared values and behaviours that guide the way we work and how we make decisions that align with the Powering Our Future ambitions
  • Communications and Engagement - to have an effective communication and engagement strategy at all levels will ensure our colleagues and stakeholders understand corporate aims and priorities, which will facilitate bold, innovative and collaborative working that will help everyone understands the reason and context for change
  • Smarter Working - to ensure we have the right resources, processes and working environment to do the job in the most efficient and smart way that will empower staff to do their best for communities
  • Attract and retain - to have the best people with the right skills to Power Our Future, it is important we remain competitive with our Employee Reward Offer in order to be an attractive employer of choice and retain a talented and dedicated workforce
  • Happy and healthy workforce -  to ensure that everyone supports and pays attention to their own as well as their colleagues' wellbeing
  • Workforce Planning - to ensure we have a workforce fit for the future, we will embed and improve workforce planning across our organisation so that we understand our workforce profile to address future demands
  • Workforce Development - to provide employees with development opportunities to support retention, succession planning, future leaders and ensure we have a workforce with the right skills able to meet current and future demands and this will empower our colleagues to use their skills and talent to be innovative, entrepreneurial, dynamic and adaptable in all that they do

Each project is led by a project sponsor and supported by a project delivery manager.

ProjectProject sponsorProject Delivery Manager
Organisational CultureGeraldine BrownJane Webb
Communications and EngagementKirsty GrundyJane Webb
Smarter WorkingJill DouglasLiz Purdy
Attract and retainCraig WillowsFiona Attewill
Happy and healthy workforceAngela ConnorJane Webb
Workforce PlanningIan MilesFiona Attewill
Workforce DevelopmentIain RobinsonLiz Purdy


Ged Morton, Director of Corporate Services, will lead this mission, supported by Jill Douglas.


Communities mission

Changing our relationship with communities to make sure our residents have happy healthy lives. 

We need to change the way we work with our communities so they use their knowledge, skills and strengths to help them deliver positive outcomes for themselves. This will save money and ensure our residents are healthy, happy and feel like they belong.

We will empower communities and increase individual, family and community level activities by helping people and communities to be independent and have less reliance on council services.

Initial work has focused on developing baseline information to help us better understand our communities. Our recent residents survey and community conversations have allowed us to ask:

  • what is good about the place you live?
  • what would make it better?
  • what could you do where you live to make it better?
  • what do you need help with to make it better?

The responses are helping us to build an understanding of our communities and will allow us to further explore our communities strengths and what 'works well'. This will help us to inform a future vision for the Borough that is developed with, and jointly owned by communities. 

Colleagues from across the council are currently reviewing the existing activity which we are delivering. This includes gathering insight and intelligence from our current commissioned health and wellbeing services, including Adults and Health, Public Health, Children's Services and Housing. This will enable us to understand the impact and target future community development in the areas that need it most. It will inform our ways of working with partners to reduce inequalities and increase the amount of activity delivered in communities, by communities. Evidence shows that community-led activity improves local outcomes, as it is designed and delivered by those who know their communities and their best place.

In the future, the council will support strong and empowered communities, where wellbeing is improved. 

3 work streams have been identified to sit within this mission. Each work stream is led by a project sponsor and supported by a project delivery manager. 

ProjectProject sponsorProject Delivery Manager
CommunicationsKirsty GrundyEmma Chudley
Community EngagementEmma ChampleyMargie Stewart-Piercy
Community DevelopmentCarolyn NiceMargie Stewart-Piercy


Carolyn Nice, Director of Adults, Health and Wellbeing, will lead this mission, supported by Margie Stewart-Piercy.


Partnerships mission

Stronger together. 

We will be stronger together. Our collective power with partner organisations will make a positive difference to our communities, and we will remove organisational boundaries to help improve the services our communities can access. 

Through collaborative working, our residents will experience seamless services that are joined up across partner organisations.

We will strive to build a network of local partners that speak and act with 'One Voice' as a recognised 'Team Stockton-on-Tees'. 

An initial meeting of Team Stockton-on-Tees in November 2023 demonstrated a strong commitment across partners. Priority areas for collaboration were identified as:

  • developing skills for public service
  • attracting and retaining talent
  • building pride in place
  • maximising use of shared resources
  • maximising digital technology
  • health and social care integration

A work plan focused on these areas is currently being developed which will identify initial milestones.

By working with partner organisations we can make sure our residents have support when they need it and that Stockton-on-Tees provides opportunities which make it a great place to live, work and play.

Each project is led by a project sponsor and supported by a Project Delivery Manager.

ProjectProject sponsorProject Delivery Manager
CharterGeraldine BrownGeraldine Brown 
Team StocktonGeraldine Brown Geraldine Brown 
Bilateral PartnershipsChris RenahanChris Renahan
Darlington PartnershipsJane EdmendsTBC
Business AmbassadorsMarc StephensonTBC


Mike Greene, Chief Executive, will lead this mission, supported by Geraldine Brown.


Regeneration mission

Driving economic growth to improve community prosperity and wellbeing. 

Our approach to regeneration and economic growth will be critical to the future prosperity and wellbeing of our communities. 

Our exciting regeneration projects will make sure Stockton-on-Tees is a place of choice for business. Not only will this generate more income through Council Tax and Business Rates, but there will also be more employment opportunities, which will reduce the demand on services and save us money.

Our borough will be recognised for its thriving economy at the heart of Tees Valley and as a place where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. 

The focus of our activity will be: 

  • building a bright future for Our Six Towns - our towns are at the heart of our communities and we have a large-scale programme of investment across all of them to make sure we adapt to the changing face of retail and the pressures that they face
  • delivering our ambitions for a Care and Health Innovation Zone at Teesdale Business Park and the adjacent Marshalling Yards in Thornaby
  • ensuring we have the transport infrastructure that connects communities with opportunities for work, learning and leisure
  • developing a bold place brand that celebrates our assets, reflects the strengths and vibrancy of our communities, reinforces our pride in place and attracts investment and talent to our Borough


For more information on the Powering Our Future programme email